5 Effective Ways To Keep Your Motivation Level High

Knowing how to keep your motivation level up increases productivity and saves time. Have you ever been up in the morning and just didn’t...

Top African-Owned Music Streaming Platforms

African-owned music streaming platforms have been growing since startups emerged. They may be far from Spotify and Apple music's mark but are putting in...

5 Lucrative Skills With High Demand

If you have been a job seeker at some point, you should be able to determine which skills are frequently searched for. In this...

Music Review: “See The Queue” By Veteran Rapper CDQ

Music review of "See The Queue"CDQ's new project, See The Queue is among a couple of EPs and single rolled out recently.It is commendable...

Female-Male Artist Ratio May Balance Up in 2021

The female-male artist ratio in Nigeria clearly shows that the latter has a higher portion. Behind the spotlight, however, there are many female artists...

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